Audio QR Codes are MP3-Codes

QR-Code MP3

The QR-Code above will link you to an audio file (mp3). Put your earphones on, scan the code and enjoy the music.

Whether you are a music band, a teacher, a stand-up comedian or even a poet, this type of QR-Code is thought just for you. If you have something to say, sing, shout or explain you will enjoy QR-MP3s. The world is now your audience

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Some ideas

Following contexts can truly benefit from linking QR-Codes to mp3 files:

  • Audio-trailers
  • Music bands
  • Podcast – Radio stations
  • Tourism – Audioguides
  • Education – Teachers


QR Code Book TrailerAuthors are not usually good friends of videos and interviews; therefore, they write books, otherwise, they would have been actors and make movies.

On the other hand, book promotions are becoming more innovative and interactive. By adding QRs into newspapers, books, and magazines we can bring in multimedia (in this case audio) to your publications.

You could even download a whole audiobook after scanning a QR-Code.

Music bands

QR Code Music BandA music band can use QR-MP3 to promote their music, so their fans can enjoy their work directly into their smartphone or to get new followers on their social networks.

They could even display large QR-Codes (why not on stage) linking to their Spotify/iTunes page.

Podcast – Radio stations

QR Code for PodcastsLive radio is not the main income source of many radio stations anymore. Possibilities that podcasts have to offer are allowing many radio shows, that would not make it in traditional main stream radio, are now real hits.

Promoting them can be a complex task and QR-Codes can be a very useful tool.

Postcards, stickers, posterboards, etc. linking to the latest podcast placed at the right place at the right moment can be a powerful resource.

Tourism – Audioguides

QR Code for Audio GuidesBorrowing a set of headphones and a weird audio device to go to a touristic route is not necessary if you have your smartphone and a QR-Code.

By placing QR-Codes on touristic spots we can link the user to an MP3 recording (in their own language) and provide with a contextual audio explanation.

Education – Teachers

QR Code for educationStudents are smartphone savvies whether we like it or not. Teachers have an unlimited ally in this technology, and it is up to them to have it working on their advantage or against them.

Having the possibility to link your students to any audio file on the internet (music, speech, poetry, etc.) enriches the learning experience to an extent we could not even imagine 5-10 years ago.

How to do it

Log into your account and create your QR-MP3 now:

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Create a QR-MP3 now

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Don’t worry. We host your mp3 files

Select your link and boost your reproductions or upload your own MP3 files at Place a QR-Code on a billboard, poster, flyer or packaging and start promoting your work in the real world.

Other marketing tools

You can combine QR-Leads with the MP3 and reward users that, for example, fill out a form with their data.

Please share your experiences on the comments and feel free to ask us about our platform if you have any question.

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