Facebook QR Code with Deep Link

Facebook QR Code with deep link

If you want to create a QR Code that links to your Facebook page you can copy the URL from the address bar of your browser and paste the URL in a QR Code Generator.

When scanning the QR Code this link will open the Facebook Page in your browser. But what if you have also installed the Facebook App on your Smartphone? Wouldn’t it be cool if the QR Code deep links your fans directly in the App instead of the browser?

This can be done easily using Facebook’s internal QR Code function.

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QR Codes in Hotels for COVID and post-COVID times

hotel qr code front desk

COVID19 has had a great impact on hospitality, travelling and leisure activities worldwide. The need of physical distancing and the limitations that come with preventing the expansion of the disease have forced to rethink many strategies from ground to bottom. From sales to more operational aspects. Regulations vary across countries, but it seems it is going to be a common ground for a while.

The industry has established and reinforced their protocols and it has found in technology an ally to provide a safer environment for their staff, their customers and to keep their business running.

QR Codes are one of these resources. They are becoming ubiquitous and you can find them from the table of a restaurant to the app that gives access to your room.

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Public transport tickets via QR code in Corona times

Vienna public transport map

You know the cumbersome task: you want to get from A to B by public transport. Long study of the line plans, waiting at the ticket machine, entering the route etc.

The public transport system in Vienna has started to offer the option to use a QR code to buy tickets, view timetables and routes and to avoid tedious waiting at the ticket machine.

Since the corona crisis severely disrupts the normal daily routine in its processes this offer has taken on a new and attractive topicality and helps avoiding contact and reduces the risk of infection.

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Live chat with your customers using QR Codes

qr code live chat tawk frontdoor

Technology has boosted efficiency and automatization processes for the last 10 years like it has never happened before. Customer support is not an exception to the rule, and what started with CRM tools is now evolving into complex live chat solutions that can take care of the on-board process and customer support. In some cases, even without human power at all.

It is common nowadays that e-commerce sites, SaaS solutions, and services like insurances, banking or travel agencies are focusing their efforts on live chat systems and leave “real human” assistance only as a fallback. They are trying to reduce friction and costs on the customer journey and turn users into paying customers.

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QR Codes for Restaurants, Bars, Pubs and Hotels

If you own a restaurant, it is very likely that you are implementing measures to stay up to date with new regulations and doing your best to eliminate the risk of COVID-19 infections while customers are enjoying a great meal in your facilities.

As a bar, restaurant, pub, or hotel owner you may now be concerned about using shared paper documents like menus, wine lists, offers, or other items such as salt, pepper, or even a ketchup bottle.

When it comes to save paper and reduce contact with physical items QR Codes are the perfect ally to bring digitalized content to your customers.

This post will show you how your business will benefit from using QR Codes not only to make your guests feel safer in covid times but also to bring in new customers.

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5 ways to promote your music on Spotify with QR Codes

Spotify QR Code

Spotify is probably the most popular global audio streaming service with 271 million users. No matter if you are a professional or amateur musician, you can use the platform to stream your music worldwide. Your audience can literally listen to any of your songs, anywhere and anytime on their smartphones.

Even though music distribution is not a problem anymore, you as DJ, band, manager or institution still have to promote your work to make a living and QR Codes can be a useful asset to do it, especially in the offline world.

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Get reviews on Google with a QR Code

QR Code Google Review

If you run a business or a restaurant these days, not only the physical location but also your online reputation are of immense importance. In many cases, customers first get a picture of business on the Internet before visiting you or consuming something. Online reviews play a major role in this. The more the better, even a poor rating can help you show users how you react to disappointed customers and how you manage to find a satisfactory solution for everyone. QR codes can simplify the process of writing a review or rate your business. With just one scan, you can redirect your customers to a Google Review Page to provide feedback.

The feedback from your customers is priceless – it will help you to bring new prospects on board and it will improve your rankings (especially local SEO and mobile search).

If you want to optimize your Google Business page and get the most out of your reviews strategy we suggest you go through this amazing post from Podium “Google Reviews Explained“.

In this post you will learn how to create QR Codes that will customers help to give feedback easily. A QR Code can be placed almost anywhere in the offline world and they make the process of locating the business pages and write the review much smoother.

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Lastest UX Updates March 2020

Almost 60% of our features started out by a user suggestion. We love pushing the limits of our QR Code Platform so feed-back hunting and listening obsessively to our users is one of our key strategies.  Sometimes we push small changes and sometimes we do major deployments that add new possibilities and features of our platform (design, UX, functionality, etc.)

The main suggestion/comment we are getting from our users is that we are not being proactive enough communicating those improvements.

Clearly this required of some action, so we start publishing today our monthly changelog. We will do our best to keep you informed of all the new features of our platform and if you want to pitch an idea/request to our dev team, you can do so at https://qrd.uservoice.com.

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