Add vCard to contacts on iOS13

The latest update of Apple to iOS13 brought many new cool features and an improved QR Code Reader

However, the way of adding a contact to the address book became more inconvenient. When you tap the “Add to contact”-Button on a mobile business card until iOS12 it was possible to save the contact to the address book with one tab. Now when Safari detects a vCard it displays the contact, but there is no easy way to get it in your address book. In the following we will show you the 4 steps how to add a business card to your address book.

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QR Codes for PDF Downloads. Smart!

The QR Code above links to a PDF file. By scanning the code with your smartphone you can download a brochure about all the possibilities has to offer.

Using QR Codes in conjunction with PDF files is a powerful solution, especially if you’re dealing with large files or you have the need to update them regularly. This article will not only show you why PDF QR Codes will save you time and paper, but also how to create a better user experience for your brand. Continue reading

Audio QR Codes are MP3-Codes

QR-Code MP3

The QR-Code above will link you to an audio file (mp3). Put your earphones on, scan the code and enjoy the music.

Whether you are a music band, a teacher, a stand-up comedian or even a poet, this type of QR-Code is thought just for you. If you have something to say, sing, shout or explain you will enjoy QR-MP3s. The world is now your audience Continue reading

App QR Code

Multi-URL QR Code for App Stores

The QR Code above knows from which phone the QR Code is scanned. Depending on the device the user is redirected to the corresponding app store.

If you have an App in an App-Store you can promote your App with a QR Code. If a user scans the QR Code, he will be redirected to the App-Store where he can install your App directly on his Smartphone. But what if you have deployed your App to different stores (e.g. Google Play, Windows Phone Store, Amazon Store or the iOS App Store)? Do you need a QR Code for each store?

The answer is: No! You can use a single App QR Code instead of creating a QR Code for each store.

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iOS12 QR Code Reader Updates

qr code reader ios12

Since Apple devices with iOS11 can read QR Codes with the internal camera app, there is no need for third-party QR Code Reader apps. With iOS12, further improvements to simplify the decoding of QR codes have been added:

Improved QR Code Reader

The camera now highlights QR codes in the camera view. Thus, the user sees which QR code has been decrypted if several QR codes are visible on the camera screen. The QR Code Reader identifies a QR code with a yellow frame, as shown in the following screenshot:

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Create Designer WeChat QR Codes

wechat official account qr code

By scanning QR Codes in WeChat, almost everything is possible: You can follow a company, connect with a contact, pay in a restaurant or donate to a charitable cause. But how do you create a WeChat QR Code? In this post you will learn how to create a WeChat QR code for an official company page or for your personal profile.

Note that WeChat QR Codes can only be scanned and processed in WeChat. If WeChat QR Codes are scanned with another QR Code Reader, you will be redirected to a blank page.

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iPhones with iOS11 support native QR Code Reading

ios11 qr code reader iphone

This is kind of breaking news in the QR Code world: iPhones with iOS11 now support QR Code Reading with the native camera app out of the box!

That means finally all 3rd party QR Code Reader are obsolete. No reading problems anymore, no ads displayed, no spy-calling-home-apps in the background necessary – Apple now supports just simple, fast and reliable QR Code decoding with the built-in camera app!

For marketers this means using QR Codes in advertising might be a game changer. It is super easy now for users to scan QR Codes. There is no technical barrier anymore because installing a third-party-app is no longer necessary.

The new ios11 is available since middle of September 2017 depending where you are located. The QR Code reading function supports all types of QR Codes. Have a closer look here: Continue reading