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Retargeting the audience that scans your QR Codes

Retargeting the audience that scans your QR Codes

According to Wikipedia Retargeting or Remarketing is a technique to display ads to people who have previously visited your website. You include a pixel within your webpage which sets a cookie in the user’s browser. That cookie allows you to target the website visitor with advertising elsewhere on the internet using retargeting.

The displaying of ads is managed by big advertisement platforms (e.g. Google, Facebook, AdRoll, etc.) that have a large network of websites where they can display those ads.

In this post you will learn how retargeting works in combination with QR Codes and the immense advantages of linking QR Codes from the offline world with your online offers. Using QR Codes with retargeting wisely will motivate prospects to buy your products or bind customers even stronger to your brand.

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Tracking QR Codes with Google Analytics

qr code tracking with google analytics

Our QR Code Tracking platform has detailed tracking capabilities of your QR Code scans like which mobile device has scanned your QR Code where and when. However, sometimes you want to include QR Codes in a bigger marketing campaign with various sources managed in your Google Analytic account. Continue reading


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