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Multi-URL QR Code for App Stores

The QR Code above knows from which phone the QR Code is scanned. Depending on the device the user is redirected to the corresponding app store.

If you have an App in an App-Store you can promote your App with a QR Code. If a user scans the QR Code, he will be redirected to the App-Store where he can install your App directly on his Smartphone. But what if you have deployed your App to different stores (e.g. Google Play, Windows Phone Store, Amazon Store or the iOS App Store)? Do you need a QR Code for each store?

The answer is: No! You can use a single App QR Code instead of creating a QR Code for each store.

Multi-URL encoded in a QR Code

app-store-qr-code-generatorAn App QR Code has a Multi-URL encoded. A Multi-URL contains multiple URLs. Depending on the device the user is being redirected to one of the URLs. When using a Multi-URL in a QR Code you can set a redirect for iPhone, Android or Windows Phones. If the QR Code is scanned by another device, you can also setup a fallback URL, to which the user is being redirected.

Geo-Targeted App QR Codes

Country QR Code

If you deploy an App the App-Store might restricts the App to specific countries or the App-Store is blocked in one country. For example, there is no Google Play Store in China [1] yet. To overcome this problem, you can create geo-targeted QR Codes and set an optional App-Store link for each country. So if a user scans your QR Code with an Android device in China, he will be redirect to a different App-Store than to the Google Play Store. A user’s country of origin is determined using his IP address.

geo targeted qr code

You can specify different links to the app stores for each country

Create App-Store QR Code

With our service you can create App QR Codes for in one ouf our paid plans. We offer many more QR Code types with conditional routing, e.g. based on country or language settings of the device.

Create App QR Code





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